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Picture of Shimmering Goldfish Paisley

Shimmering Goldfish Paisley

Deluxe Quality
Large, 40"x40"
100% Viscose
Small "Fish" Design
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Picture of Blue

Picture of Peach

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Product reviews
Very pretty
I have this in peach and blue and red. They are very pretty with lots of shine, so if you are nervous about shimmer this may not be for you. The peach is a nice color not too washed out. I love how the blue and red look patriotic to me. A nice fabric not too thin or too thick not quite a winter tichel but would be good on days where the weather can flux. Quite flashy!

From: AngelaBurch | Created on: 9/15/2012 2:27 PM

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not purple
I ordered the Shimmering Goldfish Paisley in Royal Purple, even after looking at the larger image and not seeing any purple. I got it a few days ago, and while it is a beautiful tichel, there is absolutely no purple on it. I conferred with other people, and looked at the tichel from every angle in good lighting, and it is definitely black. I asked customer service if I was sent the wrong tichel, but they still say it's purple. So buyer beware -- this is a beautiful tichel, but it's not purple, it's black. I'm keeping the tichel anyway.

*Note from Customer Service*
You may still take us up on our refund offer if you would like.
The color of the tichel is the color in the image that is on the website.
Please note the description text that was placed below the small picture when this item was originally posted.
Unfortunately, it's not "black enough" that we can guarantee it will match other black clothing.
Compare the color of the tichel to the black shirt in the picture. If it's black enough for you, consider the color to be black.

From: Rochel | Created on: 3/12/2012 7:49 PM

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