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*NOTE* CoverCash program ending 6/8/2017 11:59pm.

CoverCash is the name of our soon-to-end campaign.

One hundred units of CoverCash is equivalent to $1.00 USD.

  • Earn 10 units of CoverCash for every $1 spent on our website!
  • That means EVERY purchase automatically gives you 10% towards your next purchase!
  • No special subscription or action required to earn!
  • Use just like cash on our website
  • Must be used before program ending time


CoverCash is non-transferable
CoverCash may not be used for certain marked products or services
CoverCash may be deducted for fraudulent activities
CoverCash will be lost from deleted accounts
CoverCash cannot be withdrawn as USD
We reserve the right to change the earnings percentage of CoverCash without prior warning